Product informatie voor COMTRAXX® CP700

Scope of functions

  • Display of currently measured values, operating and alarm messages from Bender BMS devices and Bender universal measuring devices on the touch screen
  • Remote indication of data from Bender BMS devices and Bender universal measuring devices using a standard web browser with Silverlight plug-in
  • Time synchronisation for all BMS bus devices and Bender univeral measuring devices
  • Easy address setting via touch screen
  • Fast, simple parameter setting of BMS devices using the PC‘s web browser.
  • Report function saves measured values and settings. Saved settings can be compared with the current settings and can be reloaded.
  • Password-protected device menu
  • Assignment of individual texts for devices and measuring points (channels) and alarms
  • E-mail notifications to different user groups according to a time controlled schedule in the event of alarms and system faults
  • Monitoring for device failure

Access via Modbus/TCP

  • Uniform access to all Bender devices assigned to the CP700 via the integrated Modbus TCP server (max. 247 devices)
  • Bender BMS devices can be controlled by an external application (e.g. visualisation or SPS) via Modbus TCP
  • Support of professional visualisation programs by the Modbus TCP protocol


  • Fast and easy visualisation on a personal computer without previous knowledge of computer programming. Measured values or alarms can be arranged in front of a graphic (system diagram, room plan) and displayed
  • Multipage documents supported