Charge Controller CC612

Product informatie voor Charge Controller CC612

The Bender charge controller CC612 is the main component of a charging point and is designed for use in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, wall boxes or street light charging points. It enables a setup that is in accordance with current standards, such as IEC 62196, IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22.

The CC612 is characterized by its compact design and size that in turn enables intelligent, small and cost effective charging points. Several product variants are available: one that can connect to a digital eHZ meter using an optical interface while the second variant can read Modbus meters. Both variants can optionally read meters with an S0 interface.

To enable the charge controller in online operation, a backend system is required. Given that most backend providers strictly adhere to the OCPP communication protocol, the charge controller is OCPP 1.5 compliant and compatible with all electric vehicles currently on the market. Integration tests with the backend implementations of providers such as Vattenfall, Bosch, NTT and DRIIVZ have been successfully carried out. The CC612 can be operated as an “always on” system that is always connected to a mobile network. The controller supports 2.5G Edge and 3G UMTS mobile networks. Connectivity for online operation requires a SIM card (which is not included in delivery). User interaction is facilitated using an optional RFID module, which consists of an RFID card reader and LEDs. Charging is initiated by either holding a valid RFID card close to the reader or remotely by the backend system via OCPP. In offline operation, the charge controller can optionally allow charging without authorization or it can authorize users based on RFID and a local white list of authorized RFID cards.