ISOMETER® iso165C / iso165C-1

Product informatie voor ISOMETER® iso165C / iso165C-1

The ISOMETER® iso165C monitors the insulation resistance between the active HV components of an electrical drive system (Un = DC 0 V…600 V) and the reference earth (chassis ground). The patented measurement technology is used to monitor the condition of the insulation on the DC side as well as on the AC motor side of the electrical drive system.
The ISOMETER® iso165C is assembled with three connectors. To achieve internal galvanic separation, connector 1 is connected to low-voltage (LV) areas and connectors 2 and 3 are connected to the HV areas in the car environment.
Due to its space saving design and optimized measurement technology, the device is  optimized for use in hybrid or fully electric vehicles. The device meets the increased auto-motive requirements with regard to environmental conditions (e.g. temperatures and  vibration, EMC). The ISOMETER® iso165C CAN bus interface allows it to integrate seamlessly into an existing CAN environment.