ISOMETER® iso685-…-P

Product informatie voor ISOMETER® iso685-…-P

The ISOMETER® is an insulation monitoring device for IT systems in accordance with IEC 61557-8 and IEC 61557-9. It is universally applicable in AC, 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC systems. AC systems may include extensive DC-supplied loads (such as rectifiers, inverters, variablespeed drives).

In combination with the insulation fault locators of the EDS44x series or the appropriate measuring current transformers, an insulation fault location system can be set up with the iso685-D-P.

Device variants


The device version iso685-D-P features a high-resolution graphic LC display and operating controls for direct operation of the device functions. It cannot be combined with an FP200.


The iso685-S-P variant itself does not feature a display and can only be used in combination with an FP200. The iso685-S-P is thereby operated indirectly via the FP200.

Option "W"

Device variants with Option "W" are available for extreme climatic and mechanical conditions.