ISOMETER® isoPV1685-1685PFR

Product informatie voor ISOMETER® isoPV1685-1685PFR

The device is used for insulation and residual current monitoring of large photovoltaic systems up to 1500 V designed as IT systems. The measurement method specially developed for slow voltage fluctuations (MPP-Tracking) monitors the insulation resistance even in systems equipped with large solar generator panels where extremely high system leakage capacitances against earth exist due to interference suppression methods. Adaptation to system-related high leakage capacitances also occurs automatically.

The device generates locating current pulses required for insulation fault location. That allows the localisation of the insulation fault using permanently installed or mobile insulation fault locators. Integrated residual current monitoring allows fast signalling of a measured insulation faults on the AC side (inverter, transformer).